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The official languages of ICOS are French, German, and English.
Die offiziellen Sprachen des ICOS sind Englisch, Französisch und Deutsch.
Les langues officielles de l’ICOS sont l’allemand, l’anglais, et le français.

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International Council of Onomastic Sciences
The International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) is the international organisation for all scholars who have a special interest in the study of names (place-names, personal names, and proper names of all other kinds). The aim of the Council is the advancement, representation and co-ordination of name research on an international level and in an interdisciplinary context. This new organisation replaces the former International Committee of Onomastic Sciences which, as a closed society, exclusively co-opted representatives of countries and was therefore not open to individual scholars.
L'International Council of Onomastic Sciences
L'International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) est l'organisation internationale de tous les chercheurs ayant les noms propres pour objet d'étude (noms de personne, noms de lieu et autres noms propres). L'organisation a pour but d'encourager, représenter et coordonner la recherche onomastique au niveau international et en contexte interdisciplinaire. Elle remplace l'ancien International Committee of Onomastic Sciences, ‘club fermé’ réservé aux représentants nationaux cooptés, à l'exclusion des chercheurs individuels.
Der International Council of Onomastic Sciences
Der International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) ist die internationale Organisation aller Forscher, die sich mit Namen (Ortsnamen, Personennamen und sonstigen Eigennamen) beschäftigen. Ziel der Organisation ist die Förderung, die Vertretung und die Koordination der Namenforschung auf internationaler Ebene und im interdisziplinären Zusammenhang. Diese neue Vertretung löst das alte International Committee of Onomastic Sciences ab, das als ‘geschlossene Gesellschaft’ ausschliesslich Vertreter eines Landes kooptierte und Einzelforschern nicht offenstand.

Latest News

Onoma Website: 30.000 visits

Yesterday, we were so excited to see that our ONOMA Website had reached 30,000 visits. For less than 3 years of existence, it is a remarkable achievement for a journal focusing on the onomastics. Thank you all for your support, likes, and comments! Geography of the most active readers from 111 countries: TOP 10...

Call for Papers: “22nd Slovak Onomastic Conference”

The 22nd SLOVAK ONOMASTIC CONFERENCE entitled “PRODUCTION AND PERCEPTION OF ONYMIC SYSTEMS” will be held at the Trnava University in Trnava (Slovakia) from 5th to 7th September 2022. The 22nd Slovak Onomastic Conference is organised by Ľudovít Štúr’s Institute of Linguistics Sciences, Slovak Linguistic Society (Slovak Academy of Sciences) and Slovak Commission for Onomastic...

ONOMA Volume № 56 (2021)

Dynamics of the Anthroponymic System Volume 56 of ICOS’ international journal Onoma contains nine articles under the theme Dynamics of the Anthroponymic System as well as an introduction by the guest editor Anna Choleva-Dimitrova. The articles deal with anthroponymic systems in Bulgaria, Czechia, Great Britain, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden and Turkey. They focus...

“Names as Metaphors in Shakespeare’s Comedies” is finally available

The book of Prof. Grant W. Smith “Names as Metaphors in Shakespeare’s Comedies” is finally available in paper format. Enjoy a 30% off promo code UCDY30 until February 6, 2022. Prof. Grant Smith is a well-known researcher with an excellent reputation in the onomastic world. For several decades he has had an intense activity,...

Online Seminar “Cognitive approach in onomastics”

16 December 2021 r., 1:00 PM CET by Katalin Reszegi, University of Debrecen, Department of Hungarian Linguistics Cognitive approach in onomastics The cognitive approach and the frameworks of cognitive linguistics appeared practically in the 2000s in onomastic studies. Contrary to the short period of time, cognitive onomastics achieved remarkable results, that demonstrate that the...

Tagung “Namen im Sprachgebrauch”

Einladung zu den Tagungen Tagung der Gesellschaft für Namenforschung (GfN) e. V. Namen im Sprachgebrauch 20.04. – 21.04.2022 Tagung des Arbeitskreises für bayerisch-österreichische Namenforschung (ABÖN) Namen im Sprachgebrauch in Bayern und Österreich 22.04.2022 an der Universität Innsbruck Call for Papers Beide Tagungen werden aufgrund der pandemiebedingten Verschiebungen erstmals Rücken an Rücken und mit demselben...

List of Onomastic Periodicals

From now on, you may find the most extensive list of the name-related periodicals on our ICOS Website under “Links” ! Enjoy it. The list contains names, publisher and/or expertise, years of publication, policy of full open access and languages in which the articles are to be accepted. Of course, the list given here...

Programme des III Journées Anthroponomastiques au Mexique

RENCONTRE D’ONOMASTIQUE À QUERÉTARO (MEXIQUE) L’Institut National d’Anthropologie et d’Histoire, de par la Direction de Linguistique, ainsi que le Centre INAH du Querétaro, en coordination avec le Séminaire Interinstitutionnel d’Onomastique, appellent les chercheurs des différentes disciplines concernées à participer dans les III Journées Anthroponomastiques – Rencontre d’Onomastique à Querétaro qui auront lieu à l’auditorium...

Register now for ANS 2022!

Registration is now open for the 2022 ANS Conference The ANS conference will take place on Zoom, from January 21-23, 2022. Anyone who is interested may attend! You can register online here, or download a PDF of the Conference Registration Form and mail it to ANS Treasurer Saundra Wright, as per the instructions on the form. The...