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The official languages of ICOS are French, German, and English.
Die offiziellen Sprachen des ICOS sind Englisch, Französisch und Deutsch.
Les langues officielles de l’ICOS sont l’allemand, l’anglais, et le français.

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International Council of Onomastic Sciences
The International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) is the international organisation for all scholars who have a special interest in the study of names (place-names, personal names, and proper names of all other kinds). The aim of the Council is the advancement, representation and co-ordination of name research on an international level and in an interdisciplinary context. This new organisation replaces the former International Committee of Onomastic Sciences which, as a closed society, exclusively co-opted representatives of countries and was therefore not open to individual scholars.
L'International Council of Onomastic Sciences
L'International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) est l'organisation internationale de tous les chercheurs ayant les noms propres pour objet d'étude (noms de personne, noms de lieu et autres noms propres). L'organisation a pour but d'encourager, représenter et coordonner la recherche onomastique au niveau international et en contexte interdisciplinaire. Elle remplace l'ancien International Committee of Onomastic Sciences, ‘club fermé’ réservé aux représentants nationaux cooptés, à l'exclusion des chercheurs individuels.
Der International Council of Onomastic Sciences
Der International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) ist die internationale Organisation aller Forscher, die sich mit Namen (Ortsnamen, Personennamen und sonstigen Eigennamen) beschäftigen. Ziel der Organisation ist die Förderung, die Vertretung und die Koordination der Namenforschung auf internationaler Ebene und im interdisziplinären Zusammenhang. Diese neue Vertretung löst das alte International Committee of Onomastic Sciences ab, das als ‘geschlossene Gesellschaft’ ausschliesslich Vertreter eines Landes kooptierte und Einzelforschern nicht offenstand.

Latest News

New scientific journal for socio-onomastic research

A new scientific journal has been founded by members of the research network New trends in Nordic Socio-onomastics: Nordisk tidskrift för socioonomastik / Nordic Journal of Socio-Onomastics! The first volume of the journal, which is published by The Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy in Sweden, will be available in spring 2021 and possible to access online via the journal...

Call for papers: Onomastica 64 (2020)

We invite Authors to submit original articles (both theoretical and documentary research), as well as review articles, concerning proper names in all their aspects and varieties to publish in 64th issue of Onomastica (2020). We welcome proper-name-focused contributions from all linguistic disciplines as well as from other non-linguistic fields such as philosophy of language, history,...

Onoma 53 “Explorations in literary onomastic theory”

The Volume 53 has just been finalized. You may find this issue and upload from the Archive: https://onomajournal.org/archive/. Volume 53 of ICOS’s international journal Onoma is thematic. There are six substantive articles on theoretical aspects of literary onomastics by scholars from Poland, Czechia, Germany, the United States and England, as well as reviews of three...

XXVth International Onomastica & Letteratura Symposium

The members of the Onomastica & Letteraura we are pleased to announce that work will soon begin on the organization of the XXVth International O&L Symposium to be held this year at the University of CAGLIARI on the  22rd, 23th and 24th of October, 2020. The latest Assembly of Members has decided on the...

Call for Papers: Toponyms and Literaryscapes (ANS, 7-10 January 2021)

The American Name Society is issuing its First Call for Papers for the ANS panel at the Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention (7-10 January 2021, Toronto, Canada) Although toponyms are often taken for granted in our daily lives, they bear considerable potential for acquiring personal and social meanings depending on their contexts and co-texts...

Over 300 applications for ICOS 2020 from almost 60 countries

We are happy to inform you that we have received well over 300 applications for ICOS 2020 from almost 60 countries. Thank you for so much interest! Now the abstracts are being evaluated by the members of our scientific committee. It’s a lot of work, but we hope that soon we will be able...

54th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for the Study of Names

Call for Papers: Canadian Society for the Study of Names (CSSN) 54th Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Canada www.fedcan.ca http://congress2020.ca Western University, London, ON, Canada May 30th and 31st , 2020 The theme of the 2020 Congress is: “Bridging Divides” but papers on any...

Tagung 2020 “Werbende Namen”

Am 14. und 15. September 2020 findet im Rahmen der Kooperation der Mainzer Namenforschung (namenforschung.net) und der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Namenforschung (GfN) die Tagung “Werbende Namen” in der Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz statt. Die Kennzeichnung von Waren und Produkten, um sie aus der Anonymität herauszuheben, die Qualität hervorzuheben und die Abgrenzung...

Workshop on ‘Place-names as Open Data’ at ICOS 2020

The 2020 Congress will include a workshop on ‘Place-Names as Open Data’, organized and chaired by Peder Gammeltoft (University of Bergen, Norway). The aim of the workshop is to explore the way in which open data (and linked open data implicitly) are already used and can be employed further in place-name research. Please follow...