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The official languages of ICOS are French, German, and English.
Die offiziellen Sprachen des ICOS sind Englisch, Französisch und Deutsch.
Les langues officielles de l’ICOS sont l’allemand, l’anglais, et le français.

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International Council of Onomastic Sciences
The International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) is the international organisation for all scholars who have a special interest in the study of names (place-names, personal names, and proper names of all other kinds). The aim of the Council is the advancement, representation and co-ordination of name research on an international level and in an interdisciplinary context. This new organisation replaces the former International Committee of Onomastic Sciences which, as a closed society, exclusively co-opted representatives of countries and was therefore not open to individual scholars.
L'International Council of Onomastic Sciences
L'International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) est l'organisation internationale de tous les chercheurs ayant les noms propres pour objet d'étude (noms de personne, noms de lieu et autres noms propres). L'organisation a pour but d'encourager, représenter et coordonner la recherche onomastique au niveau international et en contexte interdisciplinaire. Elle remplace l'ancien International Committee of Onomastic Sciences, ‘club fermé’ réservé aux représentants nationaux cooptés, à l'exclusion des chercheurs individuels.
Der International Council of Onomastic Sciences
Der International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) ist die internationale Organisation aller Forscher, die sich mit Namen (Ortsnamen, Personennamen und sonstigen Eigennamen) beschäftigen. Ziel der Organisation ist die Förderung, die Vertretung und die Koordination der Namenforschung auf internationaler Ebene und im interdisziplinären Zusammenhang. Diese neue Vertretung löst das alte International Committee of Onomastic Sciences ab, das als ‘geschlossene Gesellschaft’ ausschliesslich Vertreter eines Landes kooptierte und Einzelforschern nicht offenstand.

Latest News

Onoma 55 (2020)

This Onoma volume Nr. 55 presents an extensive collection of 14 articles related to the international conference with the theme ‘Personal Names and Cultural Reconstructions’, which was organised at the University of Helsinki on 21–23 August 2019. Most of the articles are based on papers presented at the conference. They are arranged in an...

ICOS Young Scholar Network

ICOS Young Scholar Network has got its page on the ICOS Website. It is a group within the International Council of Onomastic Sciences (ICOS) that is targeted to young scholars of onomastics (i.e., PhD students, undergraduate students, recently graduated PhDs). Its purpose is to help young scholars integrate to the international onomastic community and...

Programme of the 27th ICOS Congress

Dear Participants of the 27th ICOS Congress, We would like to inform you that the detailed programme of online Congress has been published on our website (https://icos2021.ijp.pan.pl/programme). In paper sessions, each presentation will last 30 minutes (20 minutes for paper presentation + 10 minutes for discussion). As in previous years, we would like to prepare also...

First volume of the new Nordic Journal of Socio-Onomastics is now published

We are happy to announce that the first volume of Nordic Journal of Socio-Onomastics / Nordisk tidskrift för socioonomastik is now published online with free open access. It contains a collection of articles with various socio-onomastic perspectives including an interactional approach to the use of disease names, commodification of sponsored place names, sociopragmatic variation in references related to female first...

Proceedings of the International Onomastic Conference in Bulgaria

Dear colleagues, We are glad to inform you that the e-edition of the Proceedings of the International Onomastic Conference “Anthroponyms and Anthroponymic Researches in the Beginning of 21stCentury”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of prof. Yordan Zaimov, Dr. Sc. (1921-1987) 20-22 April 2021 has been published on the official web-site of Prof. Marin Drinov Publishing House of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: https://press.bas.bg/en/eBooks-105/show-106(29). Organizing committee

ICOS Lists of Key Onomastic Terms in various languages

Terminology in onomastics is a complex and difficult matter which the Terminology Group of ICOS is at present trying to resolve. It has completed a part of its work and now you may enjoy the results of their international cooperation in various languages here. Additionally to English, French and German, the list of onomastic...

Names as Metaphors in Shakespeare’s Comedies

We are delighted to present to you the recent work of our colleague Prof. Grant W. Smith (Eastern Washington University). Prof. Grant Smith is a well-known researcher with an excellent reputation in the onomastic world. For several decades he has had an intense activity, quantified by publications in scientific journals, proceedings, participation in congresses...

Toponymic Centenarian: Gwynedd Pierce

Congratulations to Gwynedd Pierce, Honorary President of the Welsh Place Name Society (WPNS) and former president of the Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland (SNSBI), on celebrating his hundredth birthday today! May 2021 will see the hundredth birthday of Emeritus Professor Gwynedd Pierce. Gwynedd was head of the department of Welsh History...

Appel à communication: III Journées Anthroponomastiques

RENCONTRE D’ONOMASTIQUE À QUERÉTARO (MEXIQUE) L’Institut National d’Anthropologie et d’Histoire, de par la Direction de Linguistique, ainsi que le Centre INAH du Querétaro, en coordination avec le Séminaire Interinstitutionnel d’Onomastique, appellent les chercheurs des différentes disciplines concernées à participer dans les III Journées Anthroponomastiques – Rencontre d’Onomastique à Querétaro qui auront lieu à l’auditorium...