6th Panhellenic Conference of Onomastics

The 6th Panhellenic Conference of Onomastics

After the recent publication of the 21st volume of the journal "Ονόματα", the Greek Onomastic Association is pleased to announce a unanimous decision of the Board of Directors to organize the 6th Panhellenic Onomastic Conference in cooperation with the Imvrian Association, Society «Ο Τέννης» and with the scientific assistance of the Department of Language, Literature and Culture of the Black Sea Countries from the Democritus University of Thrace, the Panhellenic Association of Philologists (PEF), the Committee for Pontian Studies, the Imbros and Tenedos Studies Association, etc.

The theme of the conference is "Onomastics of Asia Minor" that will cover the scientific study of the proper names from the Hellenistic Asia Minor (Pontos, Cappadocia, Asia Minor's coasts and hinterland, Constantinople, etc.). The conference will also be dedicated to the Emeritus Professor of Linguistics N. Andriotis who has done important studies on many of the Asia Minor dialects.

The general objective of the conference is to highlight the science of Onomastics in Greece and the multiple possibilities of broader collaboration and interaction with disciplines such as Linguistics, Classical Philology, Folklore, History, Archeology, Literature, Geography and others. The special purpose of the event is the scientific collection, classification, projection and study of proper names from the regions of Asia Minor.

The Conference will take place in the Event Hall of the Imvrian Association (El Venizelou 80, Néa Smírni, 17122, Greece) during November 2-4, 2018.

If interested in participating, please, submit the tentative title of presentation, name, title, contact details and e-mail address by 31 May 2018 at the following e-mail addresses of members of the Organising Committee:

xtzavaras@yahoo.gr (Xenophon Tzavaras)
vrachion@hotmail.com (Maria Vrachionidou)
gerasgeo@yahoo.gr (Gerasimos Georgiades)

After that, you are also kindly requested to send the abstract of communication (up to 200 words) by 30 June 2018.

Papers in the session are presented sequentially in 20-minute presentation blocks, with 15 minutes reserved at the end of each session for group discussion. The official languages of the Conference are Greek and English.

The Proceedings of the Conference are expected to be the content of the next (22nd) volume of the «Ονόματα».