The 24th ICOS Congress in Barcelona – a good place to become an ICOS member

Do you wish to join ICOS as a new member, or have you forgotten to renew your subscription? The annual fee is 20 euros (10 euros if you are a student) which includes ICOS’ annual yearbook ONOMA.

If you are participating in the 24th ICOS Congress in Barcelona, you will have the chance to join or to renew your subscription. For those who wish to participate in the ICOS General Assembly on Thursday Sep. 8th at 18.30, the subscription for 2011 must be paid not later than Sep. 6th.

The ICOS Treasurer, Dr. Katharina Leibring, will be available at the Congress venue on Monday Sep. 5th from 9.00-9.30, 11.30-12.00, and on Tuesday Sep. 6th from 8.30-9.00, 14.30-17.00, accepting cash payment only. The exact place of the Treasurer’s temporary office will be posted on the Congress information board.

Katharina Leibring, ICOS Treasurer

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