Onoma, the title of which is the Greek word for 'name', is the journal of ICOS. Founded in 1950, the journal primarily contained current international onomastic bibliographies up to vol. 31 (1996). Since that issue, Onoma has not published bibliographies, as ICOS has a separate bibliography project.

Latest news (April 2016)

The special theme of Onoma 52 will be 'Asian Onomastics'. See the call for papers for full details.

About Onoma

From vol. 32 (1995) onwards, Onoma has been inviting topical research reports as well as articles and reviews of a general and theoretical interest concerning all areas of scholarly name research. Membership of ICOS is not required for authors wishing to publish in Onoma. Onoma is a fully peer-reviewed journal. Manuscripts of articles are read and evaluated anonymously by at least two qualified scholars. Manuscripts of onomastic reports are appraised by the ICOS Editorial Board.

The basis of each volume is invited contributions, but scholars who wish to have manuscripts considered alongside the invited ones should contact the guest editor of the relevant volume in the first instance, BEFORE SUBMITTING ANY MANUSCRIPT, and that person will liaise with the Editor-in-Chief of Onoma, presently Oliviu Felecan.

Forthcoming themed volumes (some volume numbers TBC):

  • Contact and Interference Phenomena in Onomastics (guest editors Wolfgang Haubrichs and Max Pfister)
  • Asian Onomastics (guest editors Sungjae Choo, Peter Kang and Multamia Lauder)

Onoma 49 (2014)

Medieval Multiculturalism: The Evidence from Names | Multiculturalisme médiéval : la preuve par les noms (guest editors Sara Uckelman, Jennifer McGowan, Genora Grim and Nina Shiel)

Table of Contents

Onoma 48 (2013)

Names and Religion | Noms et religion | Namen und Religion (guest editor Per Vikstrand)

Table of Contents

Onoma 47 (2012)

Names and Law | Noms et droit | Namen und Recht (guest editors Katharina Leibring and Andreas Teutsch)

Table of Contents

Onoma 46 (2011)

Names and Minorities | Noms et minorités | Namen und Minderheiten (guest editor Dunja Brozović Rončević) / Toponomastics and Linguistic Landscapes | Toponymie et paysages linguistiques | Toponomastik und sprachliche Landschaften (guest editor Guy Puzey)

Table of Contents

Onoma 45 (2010)

History and Significance of Onomastics in Diachrony and Synchrony | Histoire et impact de l'onomastique en diachronie et synchronie | Geschichte und Bedeutung der Onomastik in Diachronie und Synchronie (guest editors Maria Giovanna Arcamone and Martina Pitz)

Table of Contents

Onoma 44 (2009)

African Onomastics | L'onomastique africaine | Afrikanische Onomastik (guest editor Adrian Koopman)

Table of Contents

Onoma 43 (2008)

Commercial Names | Namen in der Wirtschaft | Noms commerciaux (guest editors Angelika Bergien, Ludger Kremer and Antje Zilg)

Table of Contents

Onoma 42 (2007)

Urban Toponymy | Innerörtliche Onomastik | Onomastique urbaine (guest editor Staffan Nyström)

Table of Contents

Onoma 41 (2006)

Name Theory | Théorie des noms | Namentheorie (guest editor Richard Coates)

Table of Contents

Onoma 40 (2005)

Literary Onomastics | L'onomastique littéraire | Literarische Onomastik (guest editors Friedhelm Debus and Grant Smith)

Table of Contents

Onoma 39 (2004)

Name Studies and Teaching | L'enseignement de l'onomastique | Der Unterricht von Namen (guest editor Botolv Helleland; advisor Gerhard Koß)

Table of Contents