Name of the Month: Tafua, Tavua

Tafua, Tavua: Volcanic placenames in the South Pacific

William Bligh visited Tonga, in western Polynesia, while serving under Cook on his third and last voyage, and in 1789 he returned to Tonga in search of water and provisions for his ship, HMS Bounty, which had been commissioned to transport breadfruit from Tahiti to the West Indies. Thirty miles to the southwest of the volcanic island of Tofua, which was belching forth great columns of smoke and flame at the time, the famous mutiny led by Fletcher Christian took place.

Name of the Month: Motlalepula


This is SeTswana for `Bringer of Rain' (compare the unit of currency of Botswana, the pula `rain', for rain is prosperity on the edge of the Kalahari (Kgalagadi)). It is used as a given name for both males and females, and may accordingly serve as a surname. It can be abbreviated to Pula. It was formally bestowed on Queen Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth by President Nelson Mandela in 1996 because she arrived for a visit to Gauteng in South Africa during an unusually wet

Name of the Month: Brighton


Brighton, in Sussex on the south coast of England, formerly Brighthelmston, has an Old English name meaning `Brihthelm's farm or estate', where the male personal name involved, in "standard" or normalized West Saxon dialect, would have been Beorhthelm `bright-helmet'. It is not recorded before Domesday Book in 1086. For most of its history Brighton was a small town whose main industry was fishing, though the

Name of the Month: Regensburg


Regensburg liegt am nördlichsten Punkt der Donau. Die Stadt geht auf eine Gründung der Römer zurück, sie ist heute Hauptstadt des bayerischen Regierungsbezirks Oberpfalz, Sitz der Fürsten von Thurn und Taxis, hat einen berühmten Dom, in dem die Regensburger Domspatzen singen.

Name of the Month: Pisa


Name of the Month: Rother

The district council ROTHER in Sussex, England

The name of the Sussex district council is taken from the name of the river that flows through it from its sources near Five Ashes and south-east of Rotherfield village to the sea at Rye. The river-name is taken from the name of Rotherfield, and that is a puzzle in itself because Five Ashes has never been in Rotherfield and the village of Rotherfield is not actually on the river at all - nor is it in Rother District.

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