About the links

On these pages you will find links to projects, institutes, governmental bodies and university departments which have a special interest in the study of names. In some cases, these links do little more than alert users to the existence of an organisation. Some are, or include, databases and datasets, and we have not yet carried out a full categorisation of these links. These links are provided for your convenience, but ICOS takes no responsibility for the content or the topicality of the sites you may access from here.

ICOS thanks those who have suggested links for inclusion here, and welcomes other suggestions; please send them to the Assistant Secretary. Links are tested from time to time, and those which do not work at the moment of testing are indicated and may eventually be removed. If visitors to this site find links which do not work, please inform the Assistant Secretary. Visitors will see that several sites appear to have been disabled, and new information would be welcomed by ICOS.