ONOMA Volume № 56 (2021)

Dynamics of the Anthroponymic System

Volume 56 of ICOS’ international journal Onoma contains nine articles under the theme Dynamics of the Anthroponymic System as well as an introduction by the guest editor Anna Choleva-Dimitrova. The articles deal with anthroponymic systems in Bulgaria, Czechia, Great Britain, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden and Turkey. They focus mainly on the development of naming practices during the last two decades, caused by political changes, globalization, migration and bilingualism. Two of the articles analyze historical name corpora: Middle-English bynames and surnames referring to metal work, and 19th- and 20th-century Jewish names from Zagreb.
The volume also contains four non-thematic articles covering a wide range of topics, names of churches in Ghana, of government schools in Australia, of sacred springs in Denmark, and an analysis of articles in English about street naming practices, published 1940–2015. Included are also seven reviews of newly published books on onomastics.
It is common knowledge for onomasticians that personal names and place names are an essential part of society and that they reflect its political, religious and cultural changes, as is shown in this volume. It is therefore to be hoped that Onoma as a well-established international onomastic journal of high standards is of interest not only for onomasticians but also for historians, sociologists and other scholars.
The Editorial Board thanks all those responsible for this volume, the guest editor, the editor-in-chief, the editorial secretary, the peer reviewers and the translators of the abstracts.