cognitive onomastics

Onomastic investigations from a cognitive approach

Reszegi Katalin. Kognitív szemléletű névtudományi vizsgálatok.  A Magyar Névarchívum Kiadványai 54. Debrecen, Debreceni Egyetemi Kiadó, 2022. 264 lap. (with an English summary, Cognitive approach in onomastics, 211-226) This book presents the several aspects of name giving and name usage within a cognitive framework, using the most influential theories of cognitive...

Online Seminar “Cognitive approach in onomastics”

16 December 2021 r., 1:00 PM CET by Katalin Reszegi, University of Debrecen, Department of Hungarian Linguistics Cognitive approach in onomastics The cognitive approach and the frameworks of cognitive linguistics appeared practically in the 2000s in onomastic studies. Contrary to the short period of time, cognitive onomastics achieved remarkable results, that demonstrate that the...

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