Onomástica desde América Latina

Journal “Onomástica desde América Latina”

We are glad to announce that the Journal Onomástica desde América Latina has interface in English and is receiving articles  to compose its volume 2, numbers 3 and 4,  with publication scheduled, respectively, for the first and second semesters of 2021. Student´s papers are welcome, as there is a section called Works that receives articles from...

New Journal of Latin American Onomastics

“Onomástica desde América Latina” is an online-only, open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research in all aspects of onomastics from all over Latin America. The journal was launched in 2020 as a result of the scientific, academic and inter-institutional exchange promoted by the First Anthroponomastic Conference (organised by Yolanda Guillermina Lopez Franco from the National...

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