Paper submission deadline extended for ICOS 2020

We would like to inform you that the deadline for submitting papers has been extended to December 15, 2019. The other dates have not changed (see Important dates).

Submit your paper proposal

Please fill in the application form and send it back to:
The deadline for submitting paper proposals is 15 December 2019. The final programme will be prepared in February 2020 and the abstracts will be published on the Congress website then.
Speakers may present their papers in paper sessions.
The preferred language of papers is English. Nevertheless, papers in other congress languages (German, French, Russian) are welcome as well.

Structure of the scientific programme

During the Congress papers will be presented in plenary sessions, paper sessions, and special symposia.
In the plenary sessions the invited keynote speakers will give lectures dealing with the most significant questions of the interdisciplinarity of onomastic research.
We welcome paper proposals from all Congress participants. Papers should correspond with the main topic of the Congress and fit one of the proposed paper sessions. Time for a paper presentation is 20 minutes (plus additional 10 minutes for questions).

Proposed paper sessions

  1. General onomastics
  2. Toponyms
    1. Theoretical, typological, and etymological issues of the description of toponyms
    2. Toponyms in the light of other sciences
  3. Personal names
    1. Theoretical, typological, and etymological issues of the description of personal names
    2. Personal names in the light of other sciences
  4. Theoretical, typological, and interdisciplinary aspects of chrematonyms
  5. Proper names in literature and other texts of culture

Three special symposia devoted to presentation of the achievements of onomastics in the West Slavic countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia) will be organized as well. Onomastic research in the Slavic countries has a long tradition and has become a model for the development of onomastics in other countries. We hope that the three symposia will allow a larger auditorium to acquaint itself with the achievements of the Slavic onomastics.

Proposed symposia

  1. Achievements of the Polish onomastics (chairs: Barbara Czopek-Kopciuch, Mariusz Rutkowski)
    1. Theoretical and typological research on toponyms
    2. Theoretical and typological research on personal names
    3. Theoretical and typological research on chrematonyms
    4. Theoretical and typological research on proper names in literature
  2. Achievements of the Czech onomastics (chair: Milan Harvalík)
  3. Achievements of the Slovak onomastics (chair: Martin Ološtiak)