Onoma 55 (2020)

This Onoma volume Nr. 55 presents an extensive collection of 14 articles related to the international conference with the theme ‘Personal Names and Cultural Reconstructions’, which was organised at the University of Helsinki on 21–23 August 2019. Most of the articles are based on papers presented at the conference. They are arranged in an approximate chronological order, starting from early history and concluding with explorations of the present-day situation.

The given volume reflects both the multitude of anthroponomastic research being done today and the multiple understandings of what cultural reconstructions might mean in the field of onomastics. As the volume shows,
reconstructing an onomastic system is both a synchronic and diachronic, historical and contemporary, practice – and our ever-changing perception of what constitutes traditional naming practices, or what in fact change means in anthroponymic systems, will, we hope, inform future onomastic research.