Proceedings of Names in the Economy 6 International Conference

The Economy in Names. Values, Branding and Globalization

This volume presents a selection of revised and edited papers given at the sixth conference on Names in the Economy (NITE), which was held in Uppsala in June 2019.

The focus of this volume, and at NITE 6, is mainly the economy or economic aspects hidden or evident in various types of names: how names can hold different values; how names can be used or misused to enhance such values; how names can be used in branding; and how names can be a financial means in a global world.

The contents display a broad selection of papers on commercial names and how they are connected to economic considerations and marketing. The topics span from how personal names and brand names, used in advertising in magazines, can reveal much synchronic information about attitudes and opinions, to how different cultures or languages are represented in the linguistic landscape. Some hitherto less studied areas are the complicated issue of word-marks (including brand names) regarded from a judicial point of view and the influence of building companies on the naming of new city developments.