Affiliation of ICOS with the Polish Onomastic Society

We are glad to announce the affiliation of ICOS with the Polish Onomastic Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Onomastyczne, This new, dynamic organisation was established in 2018 for the popularization of knowledge about proper names. It brings together researchers who deal with onomastics and people who are interested in names as a hobby.

The Polish Onomastic Society is a court‑registered association. The Society’s main goal is to support research on proper names and to promote the scientific achievements of onomasticians (proper name researchers). The special aim of the Polish Onomastic Society is to disseminate the findings of the Polish onomastics.

The Society gathers representatives of various linguistic subdisciplines as well as representatives of other science branches, whose main or secondary research field is constituted by proper names. The membership is available to everybody willing to collaborate on achieving the Society’s goals, regardless of his/her citizenship and affiliation.

We invite you to learn more about the Society’s activities as well as about the Members of the Polish Onomastic Society.

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