Conference “Onyms in Space and Space in Onyms”

The Institute of the Lithuanian Language and Research Center of Baltic Languages and Proper Names kindly invite you to participate in the 4th International Scientific Aleksandras Vanagas’ Conference “Onyms in Space and Space in Onyms”. The conference will take place on 7–9 November 2019 at the Institute of the Lithuanian Language, P. Vileišio Str. 5, LT-10308 Vilnius.

Proposed areas for reports

• Proper names as a research object of the Lithuanian language, Baltistics and Indo-European studies
• Onyms under the historical framework
• The development, composition and origins of proper names
• The current functions and usage of proper names
• Onyms in digital space
• Cognition space in onymy
• The expression of historical, cultural and natural spaces in onyms
• Theoretical Onomastics
• Onyms under the framework of language contacts

Plenary speakers

• Prof. Dr. Laimute Balode (Finland)
• Adjunct Prof. Habil. Dr. Harald Bichlmeier (Germany)
• Prof. Habil. Dr. Urszula Bijak (Poland)
• Prof. Habil. Dr. Marina V. Golomidova (Russia)
• Prof. Dr. Staffan Nyström (Sweden)
• Dr. Peeter Päll (Estonia)
• Prof. Dr. Valéria Tóth (Hungary)

Conference languages: Lithuanian, Latvian, English. Expected duration of the presentation in the plenary meeting – 30 min. Expected duration of the presentation – 20 min.

Important dates

• Submission deadline for registration forms – 30 April 2019
• Submission deadline for abstracts – 3 June 2019
• Notification of acceptance – 1 July 2019
• Conference programme will be announced by 23 September 2019


• Registration forms and abstracts should be sent to avk@lki.lt
• For more information dalia.kacinaite@lki.lt

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