From Etymology to Landscape — Onomastics for the 21st Century

New book release – Jaroslav David, Tereza Klemensová, Michal Místecký et al. Od etymologie ke krajině — onomastika pro 21. století [From Etymology to Landscape — Onomastics for the 21st Century]. Ostrava – Brno, 2022, 444 pages.

The new book, consisting of 27 chapters grouped into four thematic sections, has attempted to answer a question that is hinted at in the title itself: What does onomastics offer to the 21st century? What are the prospects for a specialized field of research which has been an established linguistic discipline for a few decades only? In line with the principles of “Ostrava onomastic school”, the insights focus on functioning of names in discourse and try to overcome the etymology-based approaches dominating the discipline in the 20th century.  That is why the authors present new methodologies in the proper name research – mostly based on quantitative and corpus linguistics and on the concepts of political and linguistic landscapes. Attention is paid to a wide range of subjects, including literary criticism, politics, sociology, history, geography, demography, and marketing.The book, published in Czech, contains comprehensive summaries in English, German, and Polish.