Onoma 53 “Explorations in literary onomastic theory”

The Volume 53 has just been finalized. You may find this issue and upload from the Archive: https://onomajournal.org/archive/.

Volume 53 of ICOS’s international journal Onoma is thematic. There are six substantive articles on theoretical aspects of literary onomastics by scholars from Poland, Czechia, Germany, the United States and England, as well as reviews of three important new books in this area.

Members of the Editorial Board hope that readers will find Volume 53 stimulating and satisfying, and they extend their warm thanks to the volume editor Oliviu Felecan, as well as to the editorial secretary Alina Bugheșiu and web officer Evgeny Shokhenmayer.

The Editorial Board hopes that readers of Onoma will continue to take pleasure in the continuing rapid elimination of the delay in publication thanks to the energetic new general editorial team. Volume 53, for 2018, will have appeared before the end of 2019, and subsequent volumes are in active preparation (Volume 54 for 2019, Young Scholars in Onomastics, guest editor: Lasse Hämäläinen; Volume 55 for 2020, Personal Names and Cultural Reconstructions, guest editors: Lasse Hämäläinen, Johanna Virkkula, Jaakko Raunamaa).

We encourage onomasticians world-wide to consider submitting their manuscripts to Onoma, which will continue to be a partly thematic journal, but the Editor-in-Chief will ensure that, as with this issue, space is available for publishing important work which does not necessarily fit with current thematic topics. Manuscripts may be either full articles or shorter notes, and any of the official languages of ICOS are in principle acceptable: English, French and German.